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Community Engagement

At the heart of everything we do is our work with local communities to help them improve and take ownership over their local area
We support people to work collectively to make their surroundings greener, safer and healthier and to get more involved in the way decisions are made about their area.

We help people of all ages work together to protect, preserve, improve or create parks, play areas, allotments and gardens, and many other spaces that matter to them. We help people create ‘friends groups’ and support them in seeking funding to make their ideas a reality.

"Groundwork have a really good understanding of the issues facing people in deprived communities and know how to build trust and confidence to help people improve their nieghbourhoods and their own situation. I have seen how Groundwork can make a positive and lasting impact in a neighbourhood by building the skills and confidence of people living there."
Carole Wright, Family Support Worker, Cherry Lane Children's Centre, Hillingdon
We help young people get their voices heard and demonstrate that they can be a powerful force for good in their community. We help people who are isolated or suffering health problems to get involved and get active.

Through our work we can help to re-connect people with nature, understanding the importance of biodiversity and the benefits of fresh, local food.

Contact Groundwork South to find out how we can help your community take control of your local area.

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