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Green Schools

Green Schools is a growing initiative that helps children become skilled, healthy and enterprising with the confidence to make a positive contribution to their local community, environment or local business.

To help your school become a Green School, Groundwork can provide training, workshops, fundraising expertise, links’s with local industry and creating unique opportunities like designing, building and running a community garden cafe and making a real difference to their community.

In the last two years this initiative has helped over 300,000 children from 4 to 18 years of age create a better future for themselves, others and the world around them. 

Green Schools began in 2009 with two schools in West London. In the last three years over 400 schools have contributed to the mission and some 60 schools have become hub schools. Since its conception Green Schools has raised over £800,000 through corporate sponsorship, local authority service contracts and the lottery to provide schools with an award winning service.

Groundwork has a choice of programmes from Love Local Food to Natural Connections, Energy & Waste or even Green Entrepreneurs. Each programme is tailored to meet your children’s learning needs. We provide professional training, in-school workshops, fundraising, expertise, links’s and create unique opportunities for children to make a difference in their local community, park or support their local economy.

Schools that have contributed to our mission often have a particular interest from cutting energy or waste, to enterprise to growing local healthy food or protecting nature. Although in many cases they may just want support with improving their children’s key literacy skills or achieving an Eco-school green flag award. The common thread that bids them all is a desire to create a better future for their children.

For example Baylis Court Secondary School in Slough objective was to give back to their local community and improve their children’s awareness of healthy local food. We provided the expertise to embed the project into their curriculum, secure £10,000 corporate sponsorship for a garden café and link to DHL and the local authority. Harmondsworth Primary in Hillingdon wanted to cut its waste. Over the course of one year we managed to support the school in cutting its waste by over 60%.

Part of the success of the initiative is linking schools to our regional network. The regional network is co-ordinated through our training centres, they provide a space for sharing best practise during Green school conferences and training which often inspires schools to take action, it is also a place for schools to meet funders and link with local businesses and potential sponsors. To join the mission all a school has to do is choose a taster for one of our programmes, this then entitles them to free training and two days of in-school support.

 The Green Schools programme will help your school:

  • Raise attainment in core subjects.
  • Improve knowledge, key skills and understanding of sustainability.
  • Improve confidence, independence and enterprise.
  • Improve health, attendance and well being.

If you are interested in joining Green Schools and want to book a taster please contact or call us on 01895 270730 or download one of our brochures below.