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Day in the life of…

We offer a diverse range of posts in the form of volunteering, paid employees and training opportunities. From horticulture to customer service and youth work to environmental projects. Take a look at a day in the life of some of our team from across the South of England.

Ben Smitton, Community Enabler

Hi Ben, welcome to ‘Day in the life of…”.

Ben Smitton TBoH Txt Banner SouthWhat is your role at Groundwork South?

My role at Groundwork is Community Enabler, I work on the Tesco Bags of Help Programme. Currently I encourage and support community groups with applying for grants up to £4,000 for projects that benefit their local community.          

How long have you worked here and what were you doing beforehand?                                   

I have worked at Groundwork for 2 ½ years. Before I worked here I was a Development Officer for a Youth Charity.

What’s the most satisfying part of your role?

The most satisfying part of my role is seeing community groups that I have helped be awarded a grant, and deliver a project that achieves great outcomes for it’s beneficiaries. I have really enjoyed building strong relationships with the Tesco Community Champions over the years too.

How have you changed as a result of your role?

Being able to solve problems and find solutions has made me better equipped to ensure successful project delivery.

Who do you think you’ve helped the most through all the projects you’ve been involved with?

Community groups who would otherwise struggle to access funding for their projects, and the overall community their project impacts.

Joe OsborneJoe Osborne, Green Doctor, Sussex and Surrey

Hi Joe, welcome to ‘Day in the life of…”.

What attracted you to Groundwork South?

I had spent a couple of years trying to find a job in the environmental sector in Birmingham after leaving university. I volunteered for various organisations, and when I saw the Green Doctor job advertised in Brighton I thought I’d try my hand. I was very pleased to be offered the job, and moved there two weeks later to start.

What does a typical day in your job with us involve?

Each day I visit people at their home and try help them become as energy and water efficient as possible.

This generally involves having an in depth conversation (and sometimes a cup of tea) with the residents to find out what their concerns are and their household habits.

It is then my job to suggest improvements they could make which could reduce their energy and water usage, and of course reduce their bills. There are loads of devices that can be fitted to a property to either directly save energy or water, or to highlight and remind them where their usage is highest. I can also point them in the direction of other organisations who may be able to help further with bills and offer other financial assistance; there really is a lot we can do for people on each visit.

What do you like about being a Green Doctor?

I like being able to help people and being able to see the difference the visit has made to people’s homes and lives. I also like meeting new and interesting people, and with this job I get to do that every day! Being able to say I work for a charity also makes me very happy to be a Green Doctor.

In one sentence tell us what Groundwork means to you

To me, Groundwork means promoting a greener way of living, as well as investing in people; both things I believe are vital for the future.

What are the issues and ideas that motivate you in life?

I love to be outdoors, whether it's out on the South Downs or on my allotment, so anything I can do to preserve this and spread the message of green living to as many people as possible drives me.

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