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Youth and Employment

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential no matter where they live. Groundwork South supports people - especially young people, to develop their skills and find training and employment.

At a time when one in five young people are out of work we provide advice, training and job opportunities to those struggling to find employment.

Each year we support hundreds of young people. Helping them obtain qualifications, access employment and ultimately changing their lives. In addition there is a huge saving to society in reducing the amount of unemployed people.

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Green Schools

Green Teams

National Citizen Service

Our Projects

Each project is different and depends on our partner organisations and the locality. For instance in Plymouth we run a household recycling centre and have provided more than 18 young people apprenticeship opportunities and accredited qualifications while providing Plymouth City Council with an affordable and professionally run service. Read more about Weston Mill

In Gravesend, Kent we established a Green Team with Gravesham Borough Council. Providing 16 young people a year long apprenticeship with their environment team and an accredited qualification. At the end of the year several of the apprentices were given full and part time employment by the council with others offered temporary work. All of the group completed the year with many kick-starting their careers in environmental work. Groundwork and Gravesham Borough Council have continued to work together providing another 10 young people apprenticeship opportunities. Read more about young apprentices in Gravesend