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Communities Prepared

Groundwork South is leading a nationwide community resilience programme in partnership with the Environment Agency, Cornwall Community Flood Forum and Cornwall College Business and other key stakeholder organisations. Communities Prepared equips communities across the country with the knowledge and tools to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from, emergencies such as flooding, snow, other severe weather events and utilities failures.

With backing from The National Lottery Reaching Communities England Fund until October 2021, and additional support from The Prince’s Countryside Fund, the programme is providing community volunteers with online and in-person training, advice and support, tailored to local needs and priorities. In doing so, we are supporting the development of multi-role community emergency volunteer groups that have the confidence and skills to work effectively alongside the emergency services and other local agencies in order to assist their community and its vulnerable residents to become more resilient over the long term.

Training will be supplemented by a new and first of its kind online resilience hub, which is due for launch in autumn 2019. The hub will provide a range of downloadable and adaptable resources, a members’ forum, and advice and support on a range of issues such as developing community emergency / flood plans, undertaking risk assessments, communications and fundraising. It will also offer an interactive geo-mapping facility, which will enable the emergency services to monitor the readiness and status of the volunteer groups in their area.

In developing a network of trained and empowered volunteers across the country, Communities Prepared takes an innovative step forward for community resilience. The programme’s national approach builds on a successful Lottery funded pilot phase which ran from 2016 to 2018, supporting 300 volunteers from over 30 communities in South West England.

“It was great to be part of such a massive team effort. We door knocked and handed out evacuation letters. We used the plan to book the hall and call on our tea ladies. The high-vis clothing is so cosy! The flood wardens got lots of compliments from the [emergency] services and residents!”
Cllr Joyce Duffin, Portreath Flood Group Coordinator, whose village was flooded shortly after the group completed their training and exercised their flood plan.

“You should be very pleased with the results of the activity. It made a huge difference and the whole process so much more responsive. A huge thank you from me. The group was awesome!” Arthur Roberts, Resilience and Emergency Officer at Cornwall Council, in response to the same event.
Get in touch for more information on our training packages and details on how we can support you and your community. / 01179 103930

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Thanks to The National Lottery Reaching Communities England Fund and The Prince’s Countryside Fund for their support.