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East Hampshire Catchment Partnership

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Welcome to the webpage for the East Hampshire Catchment Partnership

The East Hampshire Catchment Partnership, or EHCP for short, is a partnership of local authorities, statutory agencies, water companies, rural land organisations, charity organisation’s and local community groups who have come together to coordinate works to improve water quality
across the East Hampshire catchment area through the sharing of knowledge, resources and approaching water management via a joined-up approach.

As the East Hampshire Catchment Partnership, we want a catchment where natural waterbodies with flows of clean, unpolluted water, permeate a landscape rich in native wildlife, supported by sustainable land management with functioning flood plains, providing multiple benefits to the
catchment’s local communities and reducing the risks of flooding.

The Catchment area of the EHCP was defined not by traditional borders or boundaries but by the location of the waterways themselves. This means that we work across numerous city and borough councils with operations taking place along the River Hamble in the east to the River
Lavant in the west, the top of the River Meon in the north and Solent to the south.

Based on a combination of water quality issues, existing actions being delivered, the feasibility of deliverable works, and the need to prioritise activities, the Catchment Partnership at its meeting in December 2013, identified the Hamble (upper Hamble) and Hermitage as the priority
areas for Catchment Partnership action, with the EHCP paying close attention to the Wallington and Meon as well.

The EHCP gets involved in a variety of works including but not limited to;

  •    Coordinating local projects and resources.
  •    Supporting local landowners with advice & guidance.
  •    Supporting local community groups with advice, networking and fundraising
  •    Controlling the spread of invasive species.
  •    Improving water quality & diversifying riparian habitats.
  •    Monitoring of water quality
  •    Raising awareness of local water issues.
  •    Championing local water issues at a strategic planning level

For further information on the EHCP please see the below pages and links or