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Southern Water

Saving Water and Cutting Bills

Climate change and population growth are placing real strains on our access to water in the South of England and the region is now classed as an area of sever water stress. That is why Groundwork South have teamed up with Southern Water to encourage 1 million households to take advantage of the benefits of a new water meter. 

Our Green Doctors are working with Souther water to inistall 500,000 new smart meters in homes by 2015 to help families cut their water bills and save water.

In the last year, we have:

  • helped to save 162 million litres of water  that's the equivalent to around 65 Olympic swimming pools.
  • reduced carbon emissions by an estimated 1.4 million tonnes in the last year – that’s the equivilant to the emissions produced by 400 million people flying from London to Hong Kong and back.
  • helped people claim an extra £3 million in benefits following our green doctor visit.

In the last year we have helped to save 162 million litres of water. This is the equivalent to around 65 Olympic swimming pools.

Why get a meter?

Meters can save water, save energy and save money off bills. Households that have a water meter tend to use around ten percent less water than those on a fixed charge. Metering allows households to take control of their water use and by reducing water waste they can cut their water and carbon footprint and save money on their household bills.

What are we doing?

Customer Engagement: Our advisors deliver key information packs and install locally specific signage on lampposts a week before installation. Packs are handed direct to customers and a broad discussion is held to introduce the scheme, highlight the benefits and manage the expectations of customers in terms of delivery. On the day of installation, we man a ‘Customer Information Point’ where customers can speak to us about the scheme.

Home Water & Energy Audits: Our expert Green Doctors, provide water and energy efficiency advice to help reduce vulnerable customers’ overall utility bill outlay. Our Green Doctors carry out up to 5 pre-booked appointments a day and carry a range of easy to fit measures, that when combined with detailed and personalised advice on consumption, can lead to significant savings on water and energy bills.

Income Maximisation: This is offered to Southern Water’s most vulnerable customers to ensure that they are in full receipt of their benefits, tax credits and are aware of the relief schemes available (such as Water Sure, Trust Funds etc). This service is carried out over the telephone by our partner IncomeMAX and has helped families claim £1.6 million in entitlements.

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