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Growing Together

Over the last few months Groundwork has helped young people take their first step onto the career ladder.

The new 'Green Team' made up of six local young trainees, have joined forces with the Groundwork Green and Healthy Places Team to help improve local spaces for the community.

The traineeship programme helps young people learn new skills, gain real hands-on experience and improve their chances of gaining full time employment. 

The trainees are already working hard on several projects across South Tyneside including the garden tidies scheme in partnership with South Tyneside Homes, where they are learning the safe use of industrial machinery and leaving the gardens in a fantastic condition for local residents. They have also learnt horticultural and nature reserve management skills through their community improvement work at Monkton Community Woodland.

Other tasks have included the construction and installation of raised flower beds and play equipment in nursery and school grounds. They have learnt the importance of being a team member and helping each other while listening and following instruction.

The trainees have got off to a great start and have already had superb feedback from their supervisors and the local community -

"The lads have a made a huge difference already and we are overjoyed with the improvements they have made, to themselves and also the local community".

The main aim of the 'Growing Together' young people project is to give more young people the fantastic opportunity of gaining apprenticeships and also to buy more equipment for the Green Team, so that they can continue to help improve more areas across South Tyneside for the local community to a high standard using industrial grade tools. 

Your donation will help make a difference and allow us buy lots of equipment including -

£1 will buy a pair of gardening gloves
£3 will buy spare parts and filter covers
£5 will buy a strimmer cord 
£15 will cover one week's worth of travel for a young person
£25 will buy a spade or lopper 
£30 will cover one month's worth of fuel 
£100 will help us fix the tipper 
£500 will buy a Strimmer or grass cutter 
£1500 will help us set up a storage unit 
£2000 will help us take on 2 new community improvement projects 
£3000 will hire a third vehicle for a new green team 
£6000 will allow us to take on a new apprentice

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£10.00 Thanks to Miss Georgia Smith 16 September 2016 Keep the donations coming! Keep up the hard work lads your doing great!
£959.69 Thanks to Starbucks Youth Action Funding 31 May 2016
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymised User 01 October 2015 Anonymised
£18.00 Thanks to Community Raffle 24 September 2015
£7.16 Thanks to The Red Hackle & Neon Social Club 14 September 2015
£219.75 Thanks to The Key 07 September 2015
£600.00 Thanks to Sir James Knott Trust 07 September 2015
£150.00 Thanks to The Red Hackle & Neon Social Club Fun Day 07 September 2015 thanks to everyone who bought tickets and donated at the social club fun day
£51.02 Thanks to Harton Quays Park Craft Market collection 07 September 2015
£179.18 Thanks to Sainsburys Bag Pack 07 September 2015 Thank you to Sainsburys at The Nook and all their customers for the kind donations
£3.00 Thanks to Anonymised User 13 August 2015 Anonymised
£22.00 Thanks to Nathan Price 11 August 2015
£27.00 Thanks to James Thompson 11 August 2015
£20.00 Thanks to Georgia Smith 11 August 2015
£16.00 Thanks to Team Donations 11 August 2015
£31.30 Thanks to Curtis Marshall 11 August 2015
£85.96 Thanks to The Red Hackle & Neon Social Club 11 August 2015
£51.00 Thanks to Low Simonside CA Raffle 11 August 2015
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymised User 11 August 2015 Anonymised
£5.00 Thanks to Miss nicola campbell 31 July 2015
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