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Public Sector

Our aim is simple: to Change Places and Change Lives across South Tyneside and Newcastle.

Doing this effectively means working closely and strategically with our public sector partners, making a long-term commitment to places and connecting the ideas and aspirations of communities with the changing landscape of public services.

Improving life chances and protecting the most vulnerable are central to the way we work. We deliver local projects and services to help people acquire the skills, confidence and networks to improve their own prospects and to find work, including creating new jobs through temporary employment programmes and the incubation of social enterprises.

Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle prides itself on developing innovative and practical solutions to real problems facing local communities. This is best achieved when we work closely with our local authority and public sector partners.
Our shared understanding of South Tyneside and Newcastle, and local priorities, informs initiatives and projects that will really work on the ground.

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