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The impact

We know that community wellbeing projects work. We've delivered a strong portfolio of projects over a five year period and collected a wealth of data along the way.

The final phase of our work (2013-15) recorded the following impacts:

Mental wellbeing

"I was quite nervous and paranoid about going places and mixing with people. I’ve overcome this a little more than before I joined the group."
Participant, Arts on Prescription
  • 92% of people feeling more confident to manage their everyday lives
  • 90% of people experiencing increased opportunities for social interaction
  • 89% of people reporting new skills or knowledge gained

Physical activity

  • 79% of people reporting an increased awareness and understanding of the benefits of physical activity
  • 70% of people reporting increased levels of physical activity in daily life
  • 67% of people reporting reduced barriers to exercise or having taken up a new activity

Healthy eating
  • 76% of people reporting increased access to healthy food choices
  • 61% of people having developed new skills regarding growing or cooking nutritional food
  • 76 % of people displaying an increase in knowledge around nutrition and healthy eating

Read the full impact report (PDF)