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Benefited from nature based interventions?

Posted on 13 May 2015

The Mersey Forest – working on behalf of the Natural Health Service, has recently been successful in securing funds from the Social Investment Business. This funding will allow them to work with government appointed consultants (Cogent Ventures ) to produce a social impact assessment report on the Natural Health Service which will help to strengthen their business case when approaching funders such as the CCG's and Public Health.

As part of this process they would like to consult with previous, current and potential beneficiaries of services provided in the Natural Environment.

We have attached the links below and would be very grateful if you could distribute these as widely as possible to people who you feel have, are or could benefit from a Natural Health type activity in the future.

All partners within the Natural Health Service will receive a final copy of the report.

They are hoping that this beneficiary consultation will be completed by the end of
w/c 18th May (the short time scales are an unfortunate condition of the funding) so these links need to be distributed as soon as possible.

Many thanks for your help in this matter and we look forward to building up our case to the funders in the future so that everybody can benefit from Natural Health services.

Questionnaire for potential natural health services participants

Questionnaire for current natural health services participants

Questionnaire for past natural health services participants