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Taking part in Families Fit 4 Life

Families Fit for Life

Making healthy choices for your children is difficult when you lack resources and knowledge. This interactive programme enables people to make informed choices and improve the physical and emotional health of their family.

Families Fit4Life aims to give parents the knowledge required to make life-changing decisions, to provide practical guidance and support and to inspire adults to have aspirations for their children. It included practical, hands-on learning sessions covering topics such as cooking skills, nutrition, and growing your own.

Families Fit4Life is delivered by Home-Start Knowsley from their base in Huyton, Knowsley.

Our Findings
  • Families Fit4Life has had a hugely positive impact on participants with 100% of respondents recognising positive outcomes relating to mental wellbeing and healthy eating.
  • The social aspect of the programme has been particularly valued by participants. It has reduced isolation and helped increase social networks of support.


Impact Report
Phase 1 Report
Case Study