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View of canals

Green Days

Green Days uses the power of the local environment to boost health and wellbeing. Green workouts in country parks, canals and community spaces energise both body and mind.

Green Days aims to use green space activities to help individuals improve their physical and mental wellbeing. A form of horticultural therapy, the programme engages particularly with people with poor mental health, fostering social interaction and the learning of new skills, encouraging future access to the labour market.

Green Days is delivered by Groundwork West Midlands at a range of locations in Dudley, Sandwell and Stoke-on-Trent, particularly Dudley’s Saltwells Local Nature Reserve and Stoke’s Silverdale Country Park.

Our Findings
The project’s strength has been in boosting the mental wellbeing of participants with 91% feeling more confident to manage their everyday lives.
Green Days is a good example of how local green infrastructure can be utillised to benefit health and wellbeing.Silverdale Country Park is particularly important health asset for the people of north Staffordshire.


Impact Report