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Greener On the Outside Prisons (GOOP)

Poor health and lack of skills are common amongst offenders. GOOP tackles this by providing a tailored and sustainable ‘green health’
programme for addressing mental health, physical activity and healthier eating.

Greener on the Outside of Prisons (GOOP) provides a variety of opportunities for offenders to participate in gardening, growing and cooking activities that improve and develop skills to increase employability and reduce worklessness, and foster family and social links that promote inclusion.

GOOP is delivered by a number of prisons in the north west in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire’s Healthy & Sustainable Settings Unit.

Our Findings

  • GOOP projects have demonstrated a positive impact on the wellbeing of prisoners, especially in relation to mental health.
  • Prisons have reported that GOOP has had an impact both on behaviour of prisoners and the prison environment.
  • The successful networking of GOOP projects has shared knowledge and best practice between prisons.
  • The adoption of GOOP by all state-run prisons in the region is a huge vote of confidence in the benefits of the project.


Impact Report

Phase 1 Report