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Health on Wheels

Health on Wheels

Health on Wheels is a community-based cycling initiative. It targets those with sedentary lifestyles and gets them back in the saddle –
increasing physical activity and boosting mental wellbeing.

Health on Wheels aims to improve levels of physical activity and mental wellbeing amongst those that are leading sedentary lifestyles and those who face the greatest barriers to taking part in physical activities, through a range of tested and innovative approaches to cycling.

Health on Wheels is delivered by Cycling Projects in the borough of Knowsley and city of Preston.

Our Findings
  • This project has a dramatic positive impact on mental wellbeing with scores of over 90% on all indicators.
  • 94% report that the project has directly caused them to increase their levels of exercise in daily life. The project has been tailored to allow people of all physical abilities to benefit.
  • The project is particularly valued for its social benefits – creating new connections between people of different backgrounds in an inclusive environment.

Impact Report
Phase 1 Report
Case Study

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