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Linkbridge Community Centre

Linkbridge Community Support Centre

Linkbridge is a beacon of hope and change offering vital community support in a neighbourhood that faces many challenges.  Services tackle the root causes of poor health and reach people missed by mainstream providers.

Linkbridge Community Support Centre supports people to improve their mental and physical wellbeing and alleviate stress, anxiety and depression by helping them to address some of the underlying issues which contribute to poor health such as substance misuse, finances, housing, employment, education and lifestyle.

The Centre is based in north Burnley.

Our Findings
  • Linkbridge has a dramatic benefit on beneficiaries’ mental wellbeing with scores of over 90% on all three of our mental wellbeing indicators.
  • The project is enabling learning and progression amongst marginalised groups and people who have been out of the labour market for some time.
  • The individually tailored nature of the support on offer keeps beneficiaries engaged and able to expand their horizons.

Impact Report
Phase 1 Report
Case Study

How to get involved

To find out more visit, email or call 01282 715 574.