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Galvanise Tees Valley employs seven people to deliver environmental improvement and grounds maintenance projects across the Tees Valley.

Mike Dent is employed as the team supervisor with six operatives all of whom have been recruited through a National Offender Management Service contract. Galvanise is a voluntary employment programme aimed at individuals who have been released from prison and are still on licence with the Probation Service.

Operatives are given a 12 months fixed-term contract and are offered advice and guidance in finding more sustainable employment throughout their participation in the programme. Other support around housing, finance and health, which affect their ability to stay in paid employment, are provided through referral agencies.

Groundwork has delivered a similar programme, in the North West, with a success rate of 46% of operatives into paid employment, within the 12 month period, compared to a figure of 10% without such a programme. In addition, reoffending rates reduced to 15%, within two years of leaving prison, compared to a national average of 60%.

If you have any work, which the team could deliver, please contact either Chris Watson or Mike Dent on 01642 815663.