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Apply to the Tesco Centenary Fund

The Tesco Centenary Fund offers a unique opportunity to benefit communities in Northern Ireland. Projects must provide a significant benefit to communities across Northern Ireland.

Community charity Groundwork is working in partnership with Tesco to deliver the Centenary Fund.

What about England, Wales and Scotland?

A different scheme callled Bags of Help operates in England, Wales and Scotland. Please follow this link to find out more about the Bags of Help programme.

How does Tesco Centenary Fund work?

The Tesco Centenary Fund is now open for applications from not for profit organisations in Northern Ireland.

Applications are assessed by Groundwork to ensure they are eligible. Tesco colleagues will shortlist the projects to determine which go forward to the customer vote.

Three community projects will be voted on by customers in Tesco stores throughout Northern Ireland, in July-September and October-December 2019. Following the vote, the project that receives the most votes will  receive a grant of up to £50,000, the second place project receives up to £30,000 and  third place project gets up to £20,000.

Apply for a grant

Step 1 – Read the guidance notes

Please ensure that you carefully read the guidance notes before completing the eligibility checker. Applications for Centenary Fund grants need to fully demonstrate how you will benefit people across the whole of Northern Ireland.

You can also view a sample application form here (We only accept online applications so please do not complete the sample form).

Guidance notes

Step 2 – Take the eligibility quiz

Use the link below to take the eligibility quiz. This short quiz will check that your project meets the basic requirements to be eligible for a Tesco Centenary Fund grant. If your project meets the criteria you will be given a link to the application form at the end of the quiz.

Take the eligibility quiz

More information

Use the tabs below to find out more the kinds of projects and organisations that are eligible to apply and for resources to support your application:

Who is eligible to apply for a Tesco Centenary Fund grant?

Grants will be awarded to not for profit organisations including registered charities, community interest companies, health bodies (e.g. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), NHS Hospital Trusts, Foundation Trusts), local authorities and social housing providers.

This list is not exhaustive and there will be many other types of organisations that will be funded.

We encourage partnership working to enable a project to be delivered across the whole of Northern Ireland, however, you will need to identify a lead organisation to make the application and manage the funding.

Applications will not be funded where:

  • Individuals have applied
  • Groups are not formally constituted or cannot provide a relevant Governance Document
  • Profit-making organisations are also ineligible for funding.
What types of projects will Tesco Centenary Fund support?

Projects funded through the Centenary Fund will provide community benefit across the whole of Northern Ireland, or a significant part of it.

The types of projects funded will be very broad and will cover the direct costs needed to deliver the project, this could range from:

  • Improvements to a building of regional or national significance that benefits the whole community such as a museum, hospice, specialist hospital ward,  art gallery, heritage centre, wildlife centre or an ancient monument.
  • Improvements to an outdoor space of regional or national significance such as walking/cycling routes, gardens, nature reserves, wildlife areas, waterways or woodlands.
  • Delivering activities or charitable services such as health and wellbeing support activities, foodbanks, community clubs, homelessness support, sporting activities, recycling/upcycling programmes, regional school focused programmes and community festivals or events.
  • Providing equipment that will such as medical equipment, minibuses, mobile libraries and safety equipment.

The Centenary Fund can fund 100% of your project costs so you do not have to have any match funding. However, if you secured additional funding, there is no limit to what this amount can be and any funding awarded by the Centenary Fund can form part of your wider project costs.

Your project can be a stand-alone project or discrete, self-contained part of a larger scheme or part of a phased project. You will need to complete your project within twelve months of receipt of the grant.

For any projects that are making a physical improvement to an outdoor space or a building you will need the landowner’s permission and you might also need other permissions – e.g. planning permission. These need to be in place before you submit your application and the landowner permission form will need to be completed and signed as part of your application.

Projects or costs which are ineligible
  • Projects that do not provide a significant benefit to communities across Northern Ireland
  • Exclusively organisational running costs
  • Work that has already taken place
  • Political donations
  • Fundraising activities or challenges (e.g. costs for a sky dive, etc.)
  • Conferences or seminars
  • Activities which collect funds for redistribution to other charities or individuals
  • Overseas appeals
  • Expeditions or overseas travel
  • Promotion of a religious or political cause
  • Solely marketing promotions
  • Research projects/feasibility studies
  • Project development work (eg. site surveys, consultation, legal fees)
  • Projects or activities that are a legal or statutory responsibility
Guidance notes and FAQs (Tesco Centenary Fund)

Guidance Notes

These Help Notes can be read as a “stand-alone” document or you can just choose to view them section by section as you work through your application form.

Guidance notes


Read the Frequently Asked Questions for this programme:


Support with your Centenary grant from a Community Enabler

Community Enablers are on hand through every step of the Tesco grant process from assisting with applications to supporting successful applicants to deliver their projects.

Overseeing local regions

Community Enablers are experts in their local regions. They have first-hand knowledge of local community groups and areas where communities are most in need as well as developing relationships with both local groups and businesses. This insight helps to spread the word about Tesco grants across communities and encourage applications.  They also build strong relationships with Tesco store colleagues to help them promote the scheme.

Project nominations

When a member of the public nominates a local space that needs improving, the Community Enabler will work with them to identify the landowner and find out if a project could be delivered by a local group. If so, they will then help support the group put in an application to the scheme.

Supporting the application process

Applying for a grant can be daunting; especially if it’s the first time someone has applied. Community Enablers have experience of filling in grant application forms and can help out applicants every step of the way, ensuring that key nuggets of information are included in the application in order for it to stand out.

Supporting successful projects

Once the votes have been counted and verified and the winners have been announced, the Community Enabler then has the job of supporting projects in their region. This includes helping with any queries, supporting any PR activities and making sure projects are running smoothly.

How to find your local Community Enabler

If you call the Tesco helpline on 0121 237 5780 or email we can put you in in touch with your local contact.

If you are based in Scotland, you can find out more about your local Community Enabler by visiting the greenspace scotland website.