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FAQ's - Bags of Help customer voting

Tesco Bags of Help project

Frequently asked questions about Tesco Bags of Help media and in-store voting.

I have my own press release that I have put together myself - what do I do?

Please forward any press releases to us at in order for these to be reviewed prior to release. Please mark them with ‘Press Release’ in the subject line so that we can prioritise these to avoid any delay in you sending these to your media contact.

Will there be any in store communications?

Each store will have a voting unit with details about each of the 3 projects customers can vote for. In your application form we asked you to provide a one line description of your project and this will be used on the voting unit.

Do we need to supply pictures or more detailed information regarding our project to stores for displays?

No, this won’t be required. If the store does need anything from you, a representative from Groundwork UK or Greenspace Scotland will be in touch to help you with this. Tesco are hosting the vote and as such, have produced any materials, derived from the information you submitted, on behalf of all groups to ensure equity in terms of instore publicity over the voting period.

Where can I find a logo for use on my publicity materials?

You can find this on the Groundwork UK website by copying and pasting this link into your internet browser: 

These logos are the official Tesco and Bags of Help logos which you should feel free to use when promoting the Bags of Help initiative on your social media channels or on your website and any blogs which you may have.

Please use this in accordance with the PR guidance you have each been issued with.

We will be tweeting, posting on Facebook and our webpage. Are there any other ways we are allowed to get our message out to people about our project?

You are free to be creative on how you get your message out to people provided they observe the restrictions specified in the PR guidance. Most importantly, please observe the request not to campaign or promote your project (e.g. by leafleting) on TESCO premises.

Where do I direct Media or PR queries?

Please refer any Media or PR queries regarding the Bags of Help project to the Beattie communications at for a member of their team to pick-up.

How do I find out which store(s) my project will be in?

Please direct all individual project enquiries on stores that will be hosting the voting for your project to where we will supply you with a list.

What is the customer vote and when is it taking place?

Bags of Help gives Tesco customers the opportunity to vote for their favourite of three projects that will benefit open spaces local to their store. Stores taking part in the vote will be supplied with a voting unit and customers will be given a token, with every transaction, to vote for their preferred community project over the course of a 2 week period, from Monday 31st October 2016 until Sunday 13th November 2016.

Is the customer vote happening in every store?

The customer vote will be taking place in specific stores across the entire Tesco estate in England, Scotland and Wales. There are 10 express stores that do not have room for a voting unit. For customers shopping at these stores, they will be advised of their nearest store where they can vote – they just need to take their receipt along in order to receive a token.

Will my local store host the vote for my project?

In your application form you told us which Tesco store was closest to your project and this store along with other stores in that region will host the vote for your project.

There are some instances where the project locations may not feel as local to the store as we hoped. This is due to low application numbers in some areas which has resulted in some region merges taking place – as the scheme progresses we’re hoping to have applications from all regions.

How do people vote when they are in the stores?

Tesco shoppers will be given a token with every transaction and encouraged to vote for the project they would like to see receive funding. 

Can online customers vote?

Online customers can take their Customer Deliver Note into store and show this to a colleague in order to be given a voting token.

How do the votes get counted and logged?

Stores are responsible for logging the votes and keeping a record stored safely. Stores are responsible for submitting their results centrally.

What projects am I up against?

You can find out in-store as soon as the voting begins on Monday 31st October 2016.

Will all projects receive a grant and what are the amounts?

All three projects in each region will receive a grant, with the customer vote determining how much. The project with the most votes will receive £12,000 followed by £10,000 and then £8,000.

How soon after the vote closes will we know what grant we will receive?

We are looking to inform all groups of the level of grant that they have been provisionally awarded by the end of December 2016.