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Sustainable Play

Groundwork Wales delivers outdoor play sessions to children and families in communities across Wales. Funded by Welsh Government, these Sustainable Play programmes are designed to leave a legacy of the benefits of outside play experiences to children and communities in need.

It is proven that outdoor play in natural surroundings is a low, or even no cost means of improving the health and wellbeing of children and families, instilling greater confidence, and enhancing life chances. But there are often barriers to getting children and families to think positively about the great outdoors.

Working with our partners, including local authorities, housing associations, and other third sector organisations, Groundwork Wales identifies the communities most in need of play provision. We listen closely to understand these communities' specific needs and respond with high quality play sessions of lasting benefit to families, regardless of ability or income.

As a result, our teams are out and about across the country providing exciting outdoor play opportunities for children aged up to 18. Working with parents, professionals and children, we deliver informal and accredited training to increase the understanding of the benefits of play, laying the foundations for a more positive future.

For information on Play sessions please call us on 01495 22260

Programme Aims and Objectives:

- 18,000 children and young people engaged into Play sessions
- 90 workshops/advisory sessions delivered to partner organisations
- 600 children and young people with disabilities engaged into Play sessions
- 90 Play events delivered for families
- 720 families attending sessions
- 6 NEET trainees recruited and trained

Sustainable Play is delivered in partnership with SNAP Cymru, a national charity that provides training, advice and support for inclusion to families, children and young people. SNAP Cymru are delivering training to sector workers across Wales to provide more opportunities for inclusive play.

More information about SNAP Cymru's work can be found on their website

For further information contact:

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