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Groundwork Wales Programmes

Groundwork Wales works alongside local communities, public bodies, private companies and other voluntary sector organisations to support communities in need.

We help people and organisations make changes in order to create better neighbourhoods, build skills and job prospects and to live and work in a greener way.

We have over twenty years experience in delivering bespoke projects that use the environment as a catalyst for building a more sustainable future. We focus our activity on communities where we can make the most difference.

Please view our programmes to see the difference we make.

NET Health Programme

NET helps employed individuals who are on long-term sick due to a work limiting health condition or disability on a one to one basis.

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NET Workplace Well-being

Nurture Equip Thrive (NET) works with companies and businesses to help reduce employee sickness rates.

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Regeneration in Communities

Regeneration in Communities is Welsh Government’s vision that everybody in Wales should live in well-connected vibrant, viable and sustainable communities with a strong local economy and good quality of life.

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Wood 2 Work

The wood 2 work programme supports local people to learn practical carpentry, and traditional skills such as wood crafting, carving and willow weaving, which can support sustainable development in rural areas.

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Green Doctor

British Gas Energy Trust/Green Doctor Healthy Homes Project supports households to save money by reducing their energy bills.

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Routes to Life (R2L)

"The aim of the ‘Routes 2 Life’ programme is to provide horticulture training and volunteering opportunities at our site in Pontllanfraith to provide horticultural and countryside-based skills development opportunities. We're also able to accredit against Agored Cymru units"

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Our Greencare Programme provides grounds maintenance and space improvement services.

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Tesco Community Scheme

We know places matter to people. Places that are green, clean and safe make for healthier and happier communities. That's why Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch the monthly roll-out of its 'Bags of Help' funding scheme.

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Healthy Rivers

Groundwork Wales' Healthy Rivers programme improves and promotes of our local waterways.

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Sustainable Play

Sustainable Play works to increase and enhance the accessibility and quality of children’s outdoor play experiences

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Green Dragon

Green Dragon is an environmental standard that is awarded to organisations who are taking action to control their impacts on the environment.

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Furniture Revival

The Furniture Revival provides good quality second hand furniture to customers across the South Wales valleys.

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