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Go Green 4 Health

Go Green 4 Health.

The 'Go Green 4 Health' programme is a 'community prescription' of activity in the outdoors designed to prevent ill health and improve the management of pre-existing chronic conditions. GG4H combines Groundwork's expertise in using the natural environment with innovative technology and approaches to increasing a community's activity levels.

GG4H encourages people to be more physically active by visiting local parks and green spaces. Being more physically active can include activities like walking, gardening, cycling, active volunteering to gentle jogging. There are multiple volunteer led activities taking place and all of our activities are free, safe, and designed for all activity levels.

The programme works closely with Health Boards, GPs, Local Authorities and Housing Associations who can refer participants onto the programme.

Dr William Bird, CEO of Intelligent Health, said; "The GG4H programme allows people to connect with their outdoor spaces which is having a positive effect on their mental and physical health. Research has shown being outdoors, whether gardening, country runs or simply a stroll in the park can have a dramatic impact on health. Groundwork Wales' expertise of engaging people in the outdoors is proving to be an excellent compliment to the technology we use at Intelligent Health. This is vital when calculating the health benefits of being outdoors."

Programme Targets

• Engage and promote being active in the outdoors to 54,000 people in the three pilot areas.
• Support 5400 of the most inactive individuals living in those areas become more physically active.
• Educate 500 health practitioners to the benefits of being healthy in the outdoors?
• Reduce barriers to participation for individuals, including those living with chronic conditions to best manage them through physical activity in the environment.
• Reduce the frequency of medical appointments, hospital admissions, and the use of medications.

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