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Healthy Rivers

Healthy Rivers

Groundwork Wales delivers community environmental projects designed not only to improve places but also people's prospects now and in the future. The Healthy Rivers programme is creating tangible benefits to rivers and communities.

In 2011, two thirds of Welsh water bodies were failing to achieve 'good ecological status' under the Water Framework Directive (WFD). In the main, this was due to low populations of migratory fish, such as salmon and trout. Put simply, the rivers were in poor health.

Since 2012, the Healthy Rivers programme has been working in partnership with South East Wales Rivers Trust, Natural Resources Wales and Dwr Cymru, to make environmental improvements to rivers in order to improve their ecological status under the WFD.

The work involves the removal or modification of barriers to fish migration, and to promote the rivers to local communities, whilst enhancing the local environment in close proximity to the river.

The programe has achieved great results: successfully removing, or modifying, barreirs to fish migration and engaging school children and local communities in river restoration activities.

Since 2012 Groundwork Wales has delivered our Healthy Rivers programme which improves and promotes of our local waterways.

The aim of the Healthy Rivers programme is to work in partnership to:
- co-ordinate the removal or modification of barriers of fish migration,
- to promote our river to the local communities and groups,
- and also improve the local environment around the waterways.

Partners on the programme include South East Wales River Trust, Natural Resources Wales and local authorities in the region.

A Healthy Rivers volunteer's story: Jordan Hayes