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Tesco Community Scheme

Applications for funding now open!

We know places matter to people. Places that are green, clean and safe make for healthier and happier people. That's why Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch the monthly roll-out of its 'Bags of Help' funding scheme, which sees grants of £4000, £2000 and £1000-all raised from the 5p carrier bag levy-awarded to local outdoor community projects.

Community groups across Wales have long realised that creating green and aesthetically pleasing spaces can have a positive effect on those that use them. Historically, many have instigated regeneration of tired spaces and creation of new spaces through their own efforts and funds.

The scheme is open to community groups, charities, schools and public sector organisations. The funds can go towards improvements for parks, play areas, community gardens and other green spaces. Funding is also available for improvements to community buildings, for example, scout and guide huts, church or village halls and sports changing rooms. Groups looking to hold seasonal events and activities such as a Christmas lights can also apply for funding through the programme.

These are just some examples of projects that are now eligible, as the green light will be given to many other schemes that meet the programme’s aims and objectives: to fund projects which will benefit the local community.

Since the launch of the Tesco Bags of Help scheme in 2015, 58 welsh groups have received a total £578K of funding towards their projects.


How to apply

There are three ways members of the public can nominate a Project/greenspace they think would benefit from a grant.

Firstly, you can follow the link and apply for a grant here.

Or pop into your local Tesco store and ask the local community champion to scan and email the nomination request to

If neither of these above options are available to you then please call the helpline 0121 237 5780 and a member of staff will fill out an online form for you. 

You can go online and nominate a project here.

If you have any questions or would just  like to speak to someone about the programme then  please contact Ian Dennis or Julian Devereux at Groundwork Wales on 01495 222605. Email or