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Vibrant and Viable places tree planting

Regeneration in Communities

Regeneration in Communities is Welsh Government’s vision that everybody in Wales should live in well-connected vibrant, viable and sustainable communities with a strong local economy and good quality of life. We align closely to Regeneration in Communities by working with disadvantaged communities across Wales to deliver actions and programmes which support economic and social regeneration and which tackle poverty. 


Our Changing Places, Changing Lives ethos supports activities in the areas identified by the Welsh Government which contribute to the Well Being of Future Generations ACT (Wales) 2015 (WFG) Principles and the associated Wellbeing Goals and Objectives.  Our work in VVP communities helps to create a Wales that is:


•             Prosperous and Secure

•             Healthy and Active

•             Ambitious and Learning

•             United and Connected


These initiatives are delivered through collaboration with a wide range of local, regional and national partners including community councils, local authorities, housing associations, voluntary and private sector organisations, enabling the effective delivery of front line services and maximising resources available to individuals and communities.