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Cook and Eat Well

Whipping up delicious and healthy food doesn't need to be difficult. It's fun, fast, and can help you look and feel fantastic. 

The Cook and Eat Well team are here to help West Midlands residents make healthy food choices.

We offer free healthy cooking courses in Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry and Sandwell which centre around developing peoples’ cooking skills, understanding of healthy eating and build confidence in cooking a meal from scratch on a budget.

Each week we will cook a healthy meal using fresh ingredients which we can eat together or, if you prefer, you can take home! We’ll help prove that eating a healthy and balanced diet can be easy, fun, cost effective and most importantly – tasty!!

The courses will cover a range of food topics through fun activities and games such as:

  • The reasons for 5-a-day
  • What is Healthy Eating?
  • Breakfast, Sugar and Portion size
  • Salt and Fat content in foods
  • Understanding food labels
  • How do we eat healthily on a budget?
  • The importance of water for a healthy diet

It is be fun, a chance to meet new people and an opportunity and share recipe tips and ideas.

Why not go to their website and see what's on the menu?