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Sustainable Business Services

What we do

Groundwork West Midlands SBS delivers a wide range of high quality environmental, health and safety support and training services to businesses across the West Midlands Region. We support an extensive range of clients from the private, public and voluntary sectors.

How we can Help

Legal Compliance – so you don’t have to worry

We can help ensure you remain legally compliant and fully up to date with relevant environmental and health and safety legislation. We provide this through our legal service package including on-site audits and our legislation update service.  

We are experts in Legal Compliance and Management System Audits and Environmental and Health and Safety.

Consultancy services – that work for you

Our consultancy services are entirely flexible and our approach is tailored to your needs. Our work includes environmental management system implementation, environmental permitting projects, development of procedures, waste management and resource efficiency.

 We can advise on or execute change management programmes, Carbon Management and Resource Efficiency, Waste Management and Recycling and developing Sustainable Procurement.

Management Environmental Training – that builds up your organisation

We provide high quality, professionally delivered training sessions and courses. We offer a range of training packages, and our courses and trainers are approved by organisations such as Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

We can make it work for you

Commercial payback

We can show you how to increase you business because of your improved environmental practices. You will be able to improve your relationships with a wide variety of customers and your business reputation will grow.  In addition cost savings can be made to improve profits so you can invest in the business to grow.

Health and safety benefits

The consultancy we provide often reduces risks and helps business meet and exceed their legal obligations so they can stay well-clear of fines and prosecutions and this then feeds into a reduction of the environmental impact of the business.

The Impact of working with us

By working with Groundwork West Midlands SBS your business be helping our work to create better neighbourhoods, to build skills and job prospects, and to live and work in a greener way.  You will be supporting the hundreds of individual projects we undertake each year across the West Midlands to benefit both people and the wider environment.

Call or email us to discuss further how we might be able to support your business. We are always happy to meet up for a no obligation chat about our services.

Contact: Ann Thadzi on 0121 530 5511