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HR Centre of Excellence

We’ve made a huge difference to people management practices in our charity and scored highly in our staff satisfaction – now let us show you what we can do for you…….

More than ever before, HR advice needs to be accurate, accessible and tailored to your company’s individual circumstances.  With Employment Tribunal cases on the rise (over 190,000 last year!) and more and more employees exercising their legal rights, getting the right advice at the right time can reduce the risk of this expensive hit to your bottom line.  We can help you with everything from running the day-to-day management of employee records to tribunal preparation.

 At Groundwork West Midlands we have made major improvements to management practices and employee engagement, resulting in an employee satisfaction score of 90% in 2013!  Our main achievements over the last year have been:-

  • Achieved Investors In People  status for the next 3 years
  • Delivered 3 complex restructures with no legal repercussions;
  • Designed a suite of best practice HR documents and guidelines for management;
  • Set up efficient monitoring systems to ensure legal compliance in all areas required for our organisation, e.g. BPSS and DBS;
  • Raised the profile of the HR department and reduced the previous reliance on legal opinion
  • Improved communications within Groundwork through the instigation of regular Communications meetings at each of our sites; encouraging the cascade of information through managers; organising a hugely successful annual staff away day which brought all of our teams together to encourage cross-functional working.

In addition to the above, our expertise lies in matters such as conflict resolution, absence management, handling discrimination claims, advice/support on TUPE regulations, plus a whole host of other people management issues.  This means we are always prepared for any situation that arises.  With our knowledge on your side, you’re protected against the day to day and the unexpected.

For a people management review and to find out more about how we can provide you with cost-effective solutions to your HR concerns, contact Sam Foxall on 07976 738621