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We believe that the commercial sector is made up of communities of people just like us – keen to make a difference, improve local economies and protect the environment and provide people with an outlet to change lives.

If you are a business there are plenty of ways we can work with you to improve your profitability reduce your environmental footprint, shape your environment and deliver a positive Corporate Social Responsibility reputation at the same time.

Environmental business services

We have an environmental business services division set up specifically to help - Groundwork West Midlands EBS delivers a wide range of high quality environmental, health and safety support and training services to businesses across the West Midlands Region. We support an extensive range of clients from the private, public and voluntary sectors. To find out more

Landscape design

Our Landscape design team can transform an underutilised neglected outdoor space into a vibrant space fit for purpose and improve your environment. Our history of shaping and managing large spaces like Silverdale park – ( a former mine) or delivering small scale community projects and outdoor spaces for communities are invaluable for a business looking to transform their immediate environment sustainably and with sensitivity to the environment. To find out more about our work  click here

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have been at the forefront of plenty of business initiatives to help transform spaces for the better. We have provided corporate volunteering projects up to full scale working projects delivered in partnership with businesses for the community. Our track record of listening to clients providing strong projects and connection for your business is at the heart of what we have done in the past. We can do this for you too. We are always keen to work with Industry and Business to further their CSR goals and improve the environment. To find out more.... click here

Small business enterprise 

We passionately know that transforming communities goes hand in hand with economic development and thriving communities are those that work, encourage others to work and importantly helps small businesses thrive and kick start the fortunes of local communities. With this in mind we have a range of Business Units that we can let out at reasonable rates to tenants who are starting up and need a base to start from. Our flexible business accommodation and light industrial units are the ideal place to start up a business that will boost the economy in Stoke-on-Trent. To find out more on how we can help you get started click here

Human resources – the make or break for any organisation

We have done a huge amount to turnaround and build our future in the recent economic downturn this has all been done through the passionate people we are privileged to employ and we have valuable experience and learning we can translate into your Charity or SME business. Our team have been successfully helping other clients deliver good quality Human resource management into places which need that extra support. To find out more on how we can help you click here.