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Types of funding organisations

Local Government

Local authorities are Groundwork’s most important group of partners. We work closely with many local authorities across the West Midlands to help them shape their places and improve local quality of life.

We can work with you to develop bespoke projects that deliver for local people and for your targets. Our projects range from relatively straightforward contract work, to entrepreneurial, experimental, risk taking projects that are innovative and creative and that solve problems.

We work closely with local authorities, many of which sit on our Board, Sub-Regional Committees or Borough Steering Groups. We also sit on a number of LSPs and other local groups and bodies. This gives us a shared understanding of the local area and local priorities, which gives us a head start in creating initiatives that will really work on the ground

We can provide Consultation and Planning services, Carbon reduction programmes, Employment programmes and Community and urban regeneration programmes which have long lasting and positive outcomes. 

Consultation programmes 

Groundwork West Midlands finds out what’s really important to different groups within local communities. We use a range of techniques and approaches to gather and analyse information from questionnaires and consultation events through to participatory learning and action techniques and online surveys. Innovative approaches such as youth inclusion sports events, arts programmes, intergenerational activities or community fairs can help to attract the target audience to the consultation.

What makes Groundwork’s consultation services different is our local knowledge, contacts and understanding of what works in different neighbourhoods. We seek to capture people’s interest and engage hard to reach groups on a range of initiatives from small scale environmental improvements to whole neighbourhood plans.

Groundwork West Midlands has experience of consulting people and interpreting the data alongside statistical information and local strategies in developing open space plans, transport plans, play strategies and area and road corridor design frameworks.

Carbon reduction 
Creating and delivering a strategy for coping with climate change needs to be at the top of the agenda for every local authority. That means devising ways of moving to a low carbon economy, and preparing for the impact of inevitable climate change.

Groundwork can help with both. We have an impressive track record in working with businesses and other organisations to help them cut resource and energy use and implement environmental management systems. We can help key industry sectors in your locality to make changes – and we can advise carbon reduction on the local authority’s own estate.

We’re also building our knowledge in how we will need to adapt outdoor environments for a future climate. This means reconsidering the role of green infrastructure in urban spaces, investigating natural flood management techniques and building green roofs and using technologies such as sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

Groundwork can work with local authorities to help support communities through the current period of economic recovery 

We help people to retrain, gain confidence and gain valuable work experience. From structured volunteering to formal placements with employers, we help people move on a journey back towards employment.

We operate different skills programmes in different places, but they are all about motivation and changing lives. Often our programmes are linked to improving the local environment or growing new skills for a greener economy

In some areas we are a sub-contractor in the delivery of DWP employment schemes while in others we are playing our part in the new Future Jobs Fund.

We always try to go the extra mile and be creative with our services – for us the unemployed are people with great potential, not clients who help us tick boxes for outputs.

If you’d like to talk to Groundwork West Midlands about opportunities for working together on this agenda, please contact Michelle Mansell on