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Public Health

Public Health Providers

The emerging Public Health prospectuses and increasing emphasis on community focused health intervention across the region complement Groundwork West Midlands’ broader aims.  Our holistic offer (from Health & Well Being to Environmental Business Services via Community, Youth & Education, Land Design & Build, Training and Employment) and means we work across the range of social determinants of health.

Our strategic goal is to improve health outcomes for the communities we work closely with – typically those with adverse life expectancy and healthy life expectancy outcomes.  Health and Wellbeing are important to us because our core target communities typically experience 17 years compromised health and this is often compounded by issues with health literacy. Our work is about engaging the hardest to reach and “translating” health policy and interventions so that positive lifestyle choices (including healthy eating, higher levels of physical activity) are relevant, fun and sustainable. 

We place a real priority on the wellbeing benefits of our work – supporting individuals and communities to develop “resilience” through a range of health and non health related work including: financial confidence; social and emotional development; physical activity, diet and nutrition (in families, communities and at work); green open space development; fuel poverty initiatives; employment work; education and training.

Public Health, Private Lives  

GWWM’s Public Health, Private Lives programme is a behaviour change model built on our experiences delivering asset based community approaches to health.  It’s part of the Big Lottery Target Wellbeing programme and allows us to work with partners and communities to deliver health activities using the lessons of Behavioural Economics and Nudge Theory including:

  • other people’s behaviour matters
  • habits are important
  • we are motivated to “do the right thing”
  • our self expectations influence how we behave
  • we’re “loss averse”
  • sometimes we all have difficulty using information to make judgments and decisions
  • we like to feel involved and effective to make change

We’ve found that encouraging people to value, use and improve open spaces is one of the most effective ways of kick-starting a revival and developing resilience in both individuals and communities and makes it easier for people to adopt healthier lifestyles. Through our work, more people are encouraged to walk, cycle and exercise, and we support food growing and healthy eating initiatives in many areas.

Our connections within communities and our ability to work holistically across sectors mean we’re an important partner for many Commissioners.

If you would like to know more please get in touch directly with 

Julie Read, Charity Director