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Aaina Womens Centre

Posted on 15 January 2014

The Aaina Asian women's centre in Walsall contacted Groundwork to transform their unusable outdoor space. The area was overgrown and filled with rubbish that had been dumped.

Groundwork Landscape Architects took the ideas provided by the centre and developed a design that would provide shelter, raised planting beds, a children's play area and stage and ensuring accessibility for wheel chair users.

The result was an amazing transformation in the way the space looked and was used. Encouraging local families to use the space for play, growing produce and flowers and to enjoying craft session under the specially constructed shelter. This was part of the Women’s Centre’s mission to reach out to Asian Women in distress who were either isolated or culturally excluded following family difficulties and provide a safe outdoor place for them to go and help them build options after extreme life events.

Overgrown and unuseable as an outdoor space.

Aaina womens centre before

Transformed into an all weather useable space.

Aaina Womens centre after


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