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St John's Playground, Hoxton


This is a densely populated area of London with over 15,700 residents living within a 7 minute walk from the playground. Many are families with young children, living in the large areas of social housing that surround the space. We know there are 1500 children under the age of 8 in this local community who currently don’t have a safe and accessible space to play, close to home. The new playground will also become a much needed meeting place for the parents of young children come together. 15% of local households are lone parent families, a figure significantly above the London average.

Jarre Olajide, local mum of three told us, 'As a mum of a 2-year old boy, it would be amazing to be able to bring him to the playground after dropping his sisters at school. There is nowhere in Hoxton to get a cup of tea and sit outside while children play safely. I can't wait for our playground to be done'

The X Marks the Spot funding will help create an exciting natural playground in the heart of this community in Hoxton,  much needed treasured space for the local community. The plans for the playground include a safe and stimulating natural play area, seating and the community would like to invite a temporary tea shop into the space in the warmer months. It will be open to the whole community from dawn till dusk for 355 days a year, and also welcome people from the wider area and visitors to Hoxton.

The site is located next to St John's Church, the driving force behind the campaign locally.
‘Hoxton is one of the most vibrant, diverse and friendly neighbourhoods in London, and yet it remains one of the most deprived. Many children live in over-crowded accommodation with little access to green space and play areas. There is nowhere locally for parents to take their children and be able to relax with a cup of tea or coffee while their children play in a safe environment. We believe that the redeveloped playground will make an enormous difference to the quality of life of many of the local families. We can't wait to see it completed.’ Revd Graham Hunter of St Johns

This project has a huge amount of support locally, from schools, nurseries, the Family Centre and of course St Johns of Hoxton. On behalf of the whole community we'd like to thank you for all your donations and fundraising efforts. With your help we will turn the playground into a truly treasured space.

Follow the progress on Twitter @StJohnsHoxton

Note: Match funding was available on donations until 23:59 on 30 September 2014. We are still very grateful for any donations received after 30 September 2014, but unfortunately they will not be eligible for match funding.
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£10.00 Thanks to Miss Kate Tucker 18 November 2014 Sorry it is late Maxine ;)
£104.09 Thanks to Reverend Graham Hunter 24 September 2014
£100.00 Thanks to Mrs BRIDGET OKOLO 15 September 2014 So excited-we cant wait to see the playground completed!
£20.00 Thanks to Reverend Jeremy Hutchinson 05 September 2014 Dont promise to be there, but well have a couple of tickets! God bless!
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 31 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Cerys Brunsdon 30 August 2014
£25.00 Thanks to Ms maria demetriou 29 August 2014
£100.00 Thanks to Ms Helen Hughes 29 August 2014 Can we fix it? Yes, we ca
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 28 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Ms Miyon Im 27 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 27 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Katie Fowler 27 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Susan Brown 26 August 2014
£5.00 Thanks to Mrs Janice Harrison 25 August 2014
£50.00 Thanks to Mr James Vellacott 21 August 2014
£500.00 Thanks to Anonymous 19 August 2014 Thanks to Price Waterhouse Cooper for this donation to the appeal.
£40.00 Thanks to Mr Thomas Booth 14 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Sandra Carter 28 July 2014 Hope this helps and lots of Facebook friends donate too.
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Claire Reay 26 July 2014 Post-swish clothing recycling proceeds
£10.00 Thanks to Ms Colleen Beasley 26 July 2014 So close ...last push
£97.19 Thanks to St John's Church 24 July 2014 Proceeds from the St Johns Pop-Up Cafe
£444.01 Thanks to St John's Church 24 July 2014 Proceeds from the St Johns Fundraising Swish-organised by Claire and Sara!
£106.04 Thanks to St John's Church 23 July 2014 Proceeds from St Johns Pop-Up Cafe
£118.72 Thanks to St John's Church 23 July 2014 Proceeds from St Johns Pop-Up Cafe
£115.00 Thanks to St John's Church 23 July 2014 Proceeds from the St Johns Pop-Up Cafe
£66.00 Thanks to Anonymous 20 July 2014
We're nearly there... 17 July 2014 Thank you to everyone who has got behind this appeal so far; local residents, businesses, Hoxton Radio, Hoxton Ferret and all the wonderful people of Hoxton who made the St John's Summer Fair a huge success this year. Donations from the fair raised almost £800 that boosted our total last month. Only £1660 remaining to hit our £5k target that will unlock another 10k from Groundwork's X Marks the Spot campaign. Let's make it happen!
£170.50 Thanks to Mrs Angela Large 11 July 2014 The Ivy Street Family Centre is pleased to make a contribution to this wonderful project.
£5.00 Thanks to Mrs Gail Morgan 11 July 2014
£5.00 Thanks to Mrs Christine Mcletchie 11 July 2014
£30.00 Thanks to Miss Alice Howell 08 July 2014
£120.00 Thanks to Anonymous 28 June 2014
£796.01 Thanks to St John's Church 25 June 2014
£200.00 Thanks to Mr Andrew Large 23 June 2014 A great project
£138.00 Thanks to Mr Andrew Large 23 June 2014 Ivy Street Family Centre is pleased to be able to support this wonderful project, all our families will benefit from this restored playground.
£50.00 Thanks to Mr Nathaniel Addo 21 June 2014 Vision in progress!
£50.00 Thanks to Mr Philip Glanville 21 June 2014 Excited to be supporting such a fantastic Hoxton project.
£1000.00 Thanks to Mr Simon Soder 20 June 2014
£50.00 Thanks to Mrs Ruth Cropper 17 June 2014 Such a fantastic project: really hope you raise the money soon
£50.00 Thanks to Mrs Helen Taylor 08 June 2014 Great space .. Look forward to seeing the progress. Helen Taylor
£50.00 Thanks to Mr Robert Hunter 24 May 2014
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 22 May 2014 Lets make it happen-@HoxtonFerret is right behind you
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Jaydeep Korde 21 May 2014
£65.00 Thanks to Mrs P J Macnaughton 20 May 2014
£25.00 Thanks to Reverend Graham Hunter 19 May 2014 Im in! Cant wait to get Curious Yellow coffee from our playground cafe!
£500.00 Thanks to Mr Dush Alagaratnam 15 May 2014
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