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Welcome to our 'Voices' section! Here you'll find great guest posts from our young people, friends of Groundwork Youth, and Groundwork partners! Hear from our amazing Youth Advisory Board, our awesome Young Green Ambassadors, the Groundwork Youth team, and other people in our broad network exploring topics close to the hearts of 16-24 year olds today, from mental wellbeing and the environment to social mobility and youth-led action.

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Passing the mic to young people: Groundwork Youth at Labour Party Conference

After a whirlwind weekend of discussions and politics, Youth Advisory board members Katie Jones and Bianca Drotleff reflect on their experience at the Labour Party Conference 2018 and the significance of this year's Inclusive Spaces campaign.

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Is enough being done to win the war on plastic?

Plastic pollution is perhaps one of the biggest environmental problems facing the planet right now. With plastic pollution being found as far as the Arctic and making its way into our bodies, our dependency on plastic and throw away culture must be tackled.

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The generational gap and how the environment can help us close it

Many Millennials feel unsure and apprehensive about the future, especially regarding issues such as climate change, the effects of which will become most evident within their lifetime. With this in mind, how can we close the generational divide?

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We'll see you at the crossroads

Whether you’re doing GCSEs or A-Levels, the future can seem daunting for many people. Unsure of what to do next, many often follow the expected path of going to University. Schools seem to only care about those who want to go to university, whilst others are framed as ‘second class’. In this blog post, Hannah asks if three years of uni is worth your time...

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Feel Good Friday in Nottingham

Here's what it takes to put together a community festival in Nottingham as a group of young people from mixed backgrounds, joining forces with their local Groundwork Trust, Groundwork Greater Nottingham.

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The importance of green spaces for community integration

From open-air libraries to shared gardens, public spaces can be safe and welcoming places for refugees to spend time, but they also serve as centre points of cultural exchange and creativity.

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Finding sanctuary in the Big City

As our Inclusive Spaces Week of Action kicks off, we caught up with one of our fantastic Young Green Ambassador and Community group teams to learn more about their local community event taking place on Walk and Talk Wednesday. Tranquil City has joined forces with some of Groundwork's London-based Young Green Ambassadors to bring us South London Sanctuary Spaces, a walking tour with a difference.

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A festival of wildlife by the lake

On Saturday 7th of July, at Charlcombe Valley Lake, Young Green Ambassador, Guy Willcock, held a wildlife talk and picnic for 40 people of all ages. It was a roasting 25 degrees, but thankfully there were plenty of refreshments and shade to go around. Find out how running his event has helped him develop his leadership skills.

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Escaping Revision

Hannah believes that getting more young people out in, and making use of, their local green spaces can have huge benefits on mental wellbeing, especially during stressful exam season. Find out how investing in an outdoor hobby has helped her feel at her best.

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Young and Green

Horticulture - only for the elderly? Young Garden Designer of the Year finalist, Max Harriman doesn't think so! Find out why he swapped the drinks tray for the drawing board and why he is on a quest to help us all find 'Calm in Chaos'.

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Akeim: helping young people to succeed

After losing a friend to gun and knife crime in Manchester at age 13, Akeim Mundell was inspired to improve opportunities for local young people.

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Katie's Recycle Cycle Sundays

Young volunteer Katie created Recycle Cycle Sundays to bring her community together to clean up where she lives.

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