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Welcome to our 'Voices' section! Here you'll find great guest posts from our young people, friends of Groundwork Youth, and Groundwork partners! Hear from our amazing Youth Advisory Board, our awesome Young Green Ambassadors, the Groundwork Youth team, and other people in our broad network exploring topics close to the hearts of 16-24 year olds today, from mental wellbeing and the environment to social mobility and youth-led action.

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My Home My Park Campaign (July 2019)

Young people are the second largest group of parks users after families with small children, so it’s in your power to protect the spaces that matter to you!

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Louise's Chelsea Flower Show 2019 reflection

'I hope that this year’s show will pave the way for future shows and that moving forward, more and more community groups will be involved in this event to make it more inclusive and encourage a wider range of people to get involved in gardening.'

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Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Pt 2 - Celebrating the Young Leaders in our communities

On Thursday 22nd November 2018 we celebrated the second annual Groundwork Community Awards at the Houses of Parliament. Young Green Ambassadors Ross and Chloe reflect on the experience of judging our Youth category and attending the ceremony.

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Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Pt 1

We know that young people are passionate and have their own views on the world around them but sometimes feel that their voices go unheard. Our 'Pass the Mic!' series gives them the opportunity to ‘step up to the microphone’ and have their voices amplified – in their own words.

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Saving our youth clubs is vital

Government funding cuts mean that our communities are suffering more than ever as money for the needs of the public becomes more and more scarce. Among these needs is government funding for youth cubs and organisations which are now struggling to accommodate young people’s needs.

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How can inclusive green spaces help with positive mental health?

On World Mental Health Day 2018, Young Green Ambassador, Sadie asks how outdoor activities that may aid people’s positive mental health can be more actively promoted, especially to younger people in light of learnings from our recent #InclusiveSpaces campaign.

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A 500 miles weekend with Groundwork

Last weekend we kept YAB member, Jack, very busy! From a trip to London with the CEO of Groundwork UK to representing Groundwork Youth at the Conservative Party's Annual conference, he hopped on the mic to centre the voices and concerns of young people. Find out how his adventures went in our latest post.

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Passing the mic to young people: Groundwork Youth at Labour Party Conference

After a whirlwind weekend of discussions and politics, Youth Advisory board members Katie Jones and Bianca Drotleff reflect on their experience at the Labour Party Conference 2018 and the significance of this year's Inclusive Spaces campaign.

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Groundwork Youth Summit

In August 2017 we held our first Groundwork Youth Summit in Birmingham. Our summit brought together our 100 Young Green Ambassadors and Youth Advisory Board members, as well as our colleagues from across our 20 trusts and our friends from other youth-facing, environmental, and community organisations.

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Is enough being done to win the war on plastic?

Plastic pollution is perhaps one of the biggest environmental problems facing the planet right now. With plastic pollution being found as far as the Arctic and making its way into our bodies, our dependency on plastic and throw away culture must be tackled.

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Youth Fest: A celebration of youth for all ages

Asini Liyanage, co-organiser of Youth Fest, reflects on the event and the journey leading up to the big day. Youth Fest was one of our main events during our #InclusiveSpaces Week of Action.

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The generational gap and how the environment can help us close it

Many Millennials feel unsure and apprehensive about the future, especially regarding issues such as climate change, the effects of which will become most evident within their lifetime. With this in mind, how can we close the generational divide?

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