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Welcome to our 'Voices' section! Here you'll find great guest posts from our young people, friends of Groundwork Youth, and Groundwork partners! Hear from our amazing Youth Advisory Board, our awesome Young Green Ambassadors, the Groundwork Youth team, and other people in our broad network exploring topics close to the hearts of 16-24 year olds today, from mental wellbeing and the environment to social mobility and youth-led action.

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T’is the season to be hopeful: Young people have rumbled the (im)balance of power and we are better for it

Oxford Dictionaries revealed its annual ‘Word of the Year’ last week and the word is ‘Youthquake'. Our Campaigns Officer, Siana, reflects on the brilliant work of young people in 2017.

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At the frontline of youth work: An interview with Angel

Want to know what it's like being a youth worker? Our team in Manchester caught up with Angel Sweeney, one of our many amazing practitioners working at our trusts across the UK.

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What is it like being a young person in 2017?

What is it like being a young person in 2017? In an age of social media, austerity, cuts to vital services, and general instability, young people aren't as carefree as they used to be. Anika K, one of our Young Green Ambassadors, reflects in our latest post.

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Access to green space is therapeutic, but the conversation around mental wellbeing is more complicated than that

Evidence that the environment can help with mental and physical wellness is welcome progress, says Emily Long, but we must not allow it to be presented as the silver bullet that justifies further cuts to mental health care in the era of austerity.

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Let’s make second-hand your first choice – Why I'm supporting Buy Nothing New Day

This year, it’s estimated that a quarter of UK shoppers will buy something over the Black Friday weekend. But we cannot allow ourselves to become lost in the world of cheap products, we must wake up to the realities of intense retail: over-consuming, poor waste management and the exploitation of workers’ rights, says Lauren Jenkins.

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Sustainability and your university institution

It goes without saying that environmental issues are a big concern for young people. In fact, research conducted by the NUS revealed that 86% of students believe more action is needed to combat climate change.

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'Is a childhood without play really a childhood?': A play-worker's perspective

It's Youth Work Week! To celebrate, we caught up with Hal Davidson, deputy manager of the White City play project, one of London’s last remaining adventure playgrounds. In his guest post, he tells us what inspires and motivates him to keep doing what he's doing.

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Youth work and youth services: a lifeline for young people

Youth Work Week, now in its 24th year, is an annual celebration of youth work providing an opportunity for youth organisations, youth workers and young people to celebrate their achievements and the impact of their work.

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14 organisations championing youth work and supporting young people

To celebrate Youth Work Week (6th - 12th Nov) we are profiling some of the many amazing organisations and projects promoting, championing, and celebrating youth work and young people.

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Feed bellies not bins! Why we need to think about food waste

Food is indispensable to human life and is something everyone can share. If we are more conscientious about how much we waste it will be a huge step forward for our communities and our planet.

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Your mind is an extension of your physical environment - look after it

In this powerful post, Aaron Fenton-Hewitt, one of our 100 Young Green Ambassadors, tells us why we should look after and care for our minds and treat our mental health as an extension of our physical wellbeing.

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Government parks announcement: the view from a youth perspective

Young people have called for an increased role in protecting the future of the nation’s parks and green spaces in response to recent government announcements.

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