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Young person abseiling on outdoor activity day with Groudnwork | image credit Michael Warren

How we can help you

Groundwork offers lots of ways to benefit from new opportunities, broaden you horizons, gain qualifications and experience, have fun, make a difference and meet new friends.

National Citizen Service (NCS)

Groundwork NCS is an opportunity for 15 to 17 year olds to have an adventure, learn new skills, make new friends and make a difference to their communities. 

Many of our local Groundwork Trusts across the UK offer NCS opportunities. Find out if it available in your area by contacting your local Groundwork Trust.

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Our Bright Future

Groundwork is running Our Bright Future in Northamptonshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and the North East. It is designed to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders and play a key role of raising awareness about, and preparing your local communities for, climate change. It will help you preparing for your own future too; providing practical and social skills, experience and confidence needed to be ready for employment.

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Join a Green Team

Many Groundwork Trusts across the UK offer opportunities to join a Green Team and get practical work experience doing a real job, training and qualifications in grounds maintenance. Contact your local Trust to see if they have a project you can join.

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Other local projects

Groundwork Trusts across the UK also run a wide range of projects for teenagers and young people locally - this includes training courses, environmental education, volunteering opportunities and youth clubs. Contact your local Trust to find out what they offer near you.

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Apply for a grant

Do you have a community project you want to make a reality? We might be able to help ,with bespoke advice on how to set up a community group and bring you ideas to life. Find out about what grant schemes we are currently running.

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Image credit: Michael Warren

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