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Inclusive Spaces Campaign

Help make green spaces Inclusive Spaces

Our Inclusive Spaces campaign took place in July 2018 with a Week of Action from the 23rd-29th.

We aimed to connect our 100 Young Green Ambassadors with community groups across the UK and supported them to collaborate on local events, raising the profile of our local parks and green spaces and encouraging intergenerational community action. 

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Why did we launch the campaign?

  • We worked closely with a dedicated Youth Advisory Board and our network of Young Green Ambassadors to roll out our campaign locally
  • Groundwork's 2015 Survey found that 69% of 16 -24 year olds would volunteer in their communities but only 7% actually did so, despite deep concerns  for their local environment 
  • We also discovered 96% of Friends of Parks Groups want to engage with young people but 81% were unsure of how to do so
  • Our Inclusive Spaces campaign attempted bridge this gap by bringing young people and community groups together, supporting them to take action in their neighbourhoods.           

Inclusive Spaces events near you

View the interactive map to see which Inclusive Spaces activities took place near you.

Campaign Resources

You can find a range of resources in this section, which we developed to help young people and community groups implement the campaign in their local areas. Although our official campaign has now ended, why not continue the spirit of Inclusive Spaces and organise an intergenerational outdoor event in your local community?

The resources below are a start, but if you need further assistance, email 

Campaign Toolkit for Young People - our step by step guide to getting started with our #InclusiveSpaces campaign.

Campaign Factsheet - learn how the loss of green spaces affects young people in particular.

Funding for Your Project - from no-budget to big-budget event, check out how to find funding.

Contacting Elected Officials - a quick quide to contacing local desision makers.

Risk Assessment - use this example to consider safety around your event.

Template Letter to Elected Officials - alter this letter to invite your MP or local Councillors to your event.

Campaign Endorsment Letter - use this letter to invite other comuntiy leader or notable people to support your local event.

Walk & Talk Session Plan - instructions for holding a welcome meeting for new volunteers.

Exploring Mindfulness Session Plan - an introduction to natures' connection to our wellbeing.

Treasure Hunt Challenge Session Plan - how to set up a fun treasure hunt online or offline.

Social Media for Beginners -  a guide to setting up social media and promoting your profile.

Personal Branding Presentation - a guide to building and developing your personal brand and using it to help drive support for your campaign.

Video Making for Beginners - a guide to shooting and editing short films.

Vlogging Presentation - a guide to video blogging and visual content creation.

Guide to Event Planning - a guide to planning your Groundwork Youth #InclusiveSpaces event in support of our Week of Action.

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