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Jessica's* journey

Progress Partner, Postive Youth Foundation has been working with Jessica* since October 2016 to help get her on the path to a successful future.

Here, her Progress Coach tells us about Jessica's journey so far...

Jessica* was referred to Positive Youth Foundation in October 2016 from her careers advisor at Prospects. We met with her at her home, as Jessica has severe anxiety issues and doesn’t cope well with attending new venues or meeting new people. In our initial meeting, she did not say anything just sat and listened whilst I spoke to her parents and Prospects worker.

We felt Jessica would benefit from the Progress programme as it would allow her to get involved with one to one work as well as small group work where she could develop her confidence in social situations.

In April, Jessica got involved in one of our sessions where she met with other young people who have been on the BBO programme and a progress mentor. At the time we discussed the April programme such as the timetable, activities and her aspirations for the future. Her first session was in June and she enjoyed our music sessions and at first, she would only attend these sessions on the Tuesday morning however over a period of three weeks as she got to know the youth workers and the rest of the young people her attendance and contributions in the sessions increased.

Sessions such as the boxing and gym have increased her confidence where she has been taking part in small circuit sessions, body building and cardio vascular exercises. There is a visible difference in her physical presence as she would hunch back when standing up to try and hide away in social situations partly because of her anxiety and partly due to her being conscious of her height. She now feels much more confident with her body image and no longer hides away when walking into the sessions.

Our sessions also have an education element embedded within the programme where young people who missed out on their English and Maths can gain their level 1 and 2 in functional skills. Her progress so far has been on a positive we will continue to work with Jessica to put her on the path to a positive destination, whether it is some form of meaningful employment, education or training.  

To find out more about Progress and how the programme can help, please click here.

*Name changed for safeguarding reasons.

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