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My Home My Community Campaign (May 2019)

Show your passion for where you live 

This campaign highlights that young people care about the importance of their community and want to take steps to improve it and celebrate it.

69% of young people want to volunteer within their local communities, and quite often have diverse ways of thinking through their interests, backgrounds and friendship groups. The variety of symbols we find in communities will be a reflection on what community means to us. It is also an opportunity for us to embrace our heritage as well as being aware of current issues happening in our local areas.

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Post a symbol of your community and explain what it mans to you. 

Community symbols might fall into the following categories:

  • Animal or plant e.g. the Bee in Manchester or the Daffodil in Wales
  • Landscapes e.g. the snow peaked mountains of Snowdonia or an urban skyline
  • Community meeting places e.g. the park or youth club, a statue or building

Use the hashtag #MyHomeMyCommunity and tagging Groundwork Youth:

On Twitter: @GroundworkYouth

On Facebook: @GroundworkYouth 

On Snapchat: noplanetbee

In addition, members of our Youth Network will doing street art activities, recreating their community symbols and asking the wider community and passers-by to comment. 

If you would like to lead a street art activity, download the My Community Campaign Resources

Seven young ambassadors will also be attending the Chelsea Flower Show to share their view of environmental social action - you can get involved by submitting your question around community green action on social media and we'll do our best to source the answers for you! 

We'll finish off this campaign by sharing our top tips for getting started with community action - why not start by joining our Youth Network

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