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Trustee Vacancy: Opportunity for two young people to join Groundwork's national Federation Board

We are currently looking for two Trustees (aged between 18-28 years-old) to join our national Federation Board.

Groundwork is national federated charity with a 35-year track record of helping people build better, greener lives in the places that need it most. 

Improving the prospects of young people is a key area of our work, so it is vital young people have a say in how we manage and develop our organisation. Ultimately, we want to ensure we are developing the skills in young people capable of leading the charity sector in the future, as well as future proofing our own organisation’s strategies and delivery through the advice of a diverse and experienced Board.

What is a Trustee?  What is involved?
A Trustee is a voluntary role, with individuals contributing their skills and insight to a Board of Trustees, with the purpose of steering the policy and strategic direction of the charity. Groundwork Trustee duties include:

  • Attending quarterly meetings of the Groundwork Board, in Birmingham 
  • Working with fellow trustees to set strategic direction of the organisation
  • Providing guidance, support and challenge to the senior management team 
  • Promoting the charity’s work at external events with partners and stakeholders

What will I gain from becoming a Trustee?
You will meet people from diverse backgrounds and industries all passionate about making a difference to our charitable work. You’ll participate in four Board meetings, taking part in discussions around the strategic direction of Groundwork, offering your personal perspective and skills to certain tasks. You will also learn about and gain insight into the inner workings of a large national charity, developing your strategic thinking and questioning skills. 

You will receive a full induction and training for the role of Trustee, as well as the opportunity to be mentored by a member of the Trustee committee or Senior Management Team, via one-to-one meetings online or by phone.

There is also the opportunity to work closely with your new Trustee colleague (also aged between 18-28 years old) to prepare for key tasks and support each other in your new roles. 

The tenure of a young Trustee usually lasts a minimum of one year, and up to three years. This is not a paid role but we do cover expenses.

How do I apply?
Step 1: Explore the Information Pack which contains further details about the role.

Step 2: Fill out our Young Trustee Application Form and return to by 23:59pm on Sunday 24th March. 

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