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Achievement Coach support for NEET young people

Achievement Coaches are specialist youth practitioners who help NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people to access relevant activities, support and opportunities to progress. Personalised support is provided to assist the young person’s personal and learning progress.

"It has given me confidence. My Achievement Coach has helped me to move forward by being there for me every step of the way"

Our Achievement Coaches have worked in partnership with the Skills Funding Agency, the Department for Education and the Education Funding Agency to deliver programmes across the country. We have also helped young people to acheive through corporate supporters like the Burberry Foundation.

An approach that gets results

Despite our our work being focussed on young people that often face multiple challenges to getting into education or employment, it's an approach that gets results.

As a consequence of working with an Achievement Coach:

  • over 76% of young people felt more confident 
  • 66% felt happier and more hopeful about their future 
  • 41% felt better able to stick to their course or job by themselves
  • 58% felt better able to cope with problems
  • 51% felt more in control of their lives
  • 60% of young people working with Achievement Coaches as part of the Youth Contract re-engaged in an apprenticeship, employment or training sustained for at least 5 months

Find out how we can help you:

Chloe's Story

“I come from a family of 12 brothers and sisters, and we all live in a three bedroom house. Both of my parents are drug users. I don’t have any GCSEs and didn’t go to school much.

I was living with an older man, who was also a drug dealer, when I first met my Achievement Coach. The man went home to his family, which made me depressed and suicidal. Since the break-up there were threats of violence from his partner. This made me upset and meant I couldn’t leave the house without an adult.

I had weekly one-to-one sessions with my Achievement Coach, which helped me to look at ways of dealing with my personal life. She supported me to make a complaint about the harassment I was suffering, get my sexual health tested and receive treatment, develop my self-awareness, confidence and ways of communicating with my family.

After working with her for four weeks, I felt ready to take part in training and began studying English, maths and functional skills courses. That’s when I realised I was struggling with anxiety on public transport and still felt threatened.

My Achievement Coach agreed that I could work from home until I felt safe. That continued for eight weeks, but I managed to complete health and safety training, preparing for work, equality and diversity and other maths and English courses.

I feel like I am finally getting somewhere, but most of all I have someone who is there for me day and night when I have things on my mind.”

Chloe (not her real name) was 16 when she was supported by an Achievement Coach.