BLOG: Volunteer with Groundwork Greater Nottingham- why you should and how you can help

In this day and age, we’re always having our faith in humanity tested. Whether it’s the latest armed conflict, the disrespect shown to key frontline workers, or, perhaps recently, it’s images of people fighting at petrol stations- in any case, it’s not always a good look for us.  

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes, these next few decades will be decisive in terms of shaping the future for our unborn generations (so there definitely is a lot of pressure on us), but we shouldn’t let that dampen our faith in our own ability to bring about change. That’s why you should consider volunteering for a cause in your local area.

At Groundwork Greater Nottingham we’re always looking for volunteers to join us in supporting our many worthy causes; in trying times such as these, when we still are feeling the effects of the pandemic, it’s especially important to keep ourselves engaged as a community. 

So why should you volunteer? 

  • Firstly, it’s good for you. Yes, a somewhat selfish (yet perfectly valid) reason to volunteer is that it will help you in many ways. Making new friends, getting out of your comfort zone and helping others will help develop your own confidence and personality. 
  • Volunteering can help with your career- as it looks good on your CV- no matter what stage of your working life you’re in. In fact, it might even help you get out of a rut. 
  • To give you a sense of purpose, a feeling of belonging to a cause that matters. We all could use that, couldn’t we?  
  • It’s fun, and that should be reason enough. 
Volunteer for the Smile Project  

The Smile project aims to help reduce the negative effects of loneliness and isolation, offering support for those who have struggled to remain connected to their communities. It can be as simple as making a phone call, lending an ear to someone who just wants to talk, or offering some advice about daily life.  

Become a Volunteer Befriender and rest assured that your help will make a world of difference, helping us create a more sustainable, harmonious community. 

Ours is a large community, with people in need all over; no matter where you’re based in the Greater Nottingham area, we can connect you with people who can benefit from your help.  

To volunteer for the Smile project all you need to do is send us an email at

Care for local green spaces 

Want to be out and among nature? There are plenty of opportunities to care for our environment and enjoy the wonderful countryside around us.  

We run several volunteer groups all involved in caring for local green spaces – nature reserves, old railway lines, public footpaths, etc. We are looking for volunteers to help with several projects in the Bolsover area:  

Clowne Branch Line – my colleague Charles Nembhard is the main contact 07771 394 387. Every Monday 10am – 1pm. This is an old railway line that is now a horse/cycling/foot route for all to enjoy. This opportunity includes activities such as vegetation clearing, litter picking and habitat management.   

Holmewood Woodland – Contact Marion Farrell 07801 122 494 (every other Wednesday 10am – 1pm) and Charles Nembhard 07771 394387 (every Friday 10am – 1pm).  This is a wonderful woodland (owned by Derbyshire County Council) situated alongside some of the Five Pits Trail. Work will include tree thinning, coppicing, hedge laying, repairing benches and fences.  

Archaeological Way (across Pleasley, Langwith, Whaley, Langwith Junction, Shirebrook and Poulter Park) every other Wednesday 10am- 1pm – contact Charles Nembhard 07771 394387. This is a long-distance horse/cycling/ pedestrian route – work will include repairing fencing, benches and footpaths. 

Brook Park in Shirebrook – this is a fantastic open space with woodland and grassland owned by the Land Trust. This winter, activities will include coppicing and hedge laying – dates and times to be confirmed. Contact Marion Farrell 07801 122 494 for more details.  

To get involved in the above projects please contact us directly by telephone or email 

Marion Farrell 07801 122 494 

Charles Nembhard 0771 394 387 

Whether you’re interested in helping vulnerable members of our community or lending a hand to take care of our countryside, we want to hear from you.  

There are plenty of fulfilling activities to take part in that can help make a world of difference.  

Blog by: Matthew Thomas, Community Development Assistant (NCS UK Year of Service)