Businesses in Northwich Praised For Community Spirit

NorthwichThe community spirit between businesses in Northwich has been praised following the challenges that the high street has faced in recent months.

Business owners and the Northwich Business Improvement District (BID) have remarked on the way that the town’s retailers and entrepreneurs have come together to face the Coronavirus pandemic head on and are now helping the town recover.

There have also been kind words about the continued support from shoppers and customers for businesses in Northwich.

Phil Bower, owner of Northwich Art Shop, said:

Northwich has an incredible business community and we have all been working together to offer our customers as safe a shopping experience as possible.

“I’d also quickly like to mention how heartened we have been by the support of our customers. So far we have travelled over 2,000 miles delivering art products around Cheshire since early April.”

Abda Obeid-Findley from Abda’s Café echoed Phil’s sentiments, saying: “Northwich has a very unique sense of community.

“Businesses have really come together to support each other in reopening and I am proud to be part of this community as we always help one another get through difficult times.

“I would also like to thank our customers from the bottom of my heart. None of this would be possible without their constant support. As a small family business, your support means everything to us.”

The feeling of community spirit in Northwich was further added to in June when it was revealed that Spatial Sound & Vision and the Care UK Charity had struck a partnership to support each other.

Northwich BID Manager Jane Hough has outlined how impressed she has been with the way businesses have been so community orientated over the spring and summer.

“It has been so heartening to see businesses working together and pulling in the same direction during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Given the worries and challenges posed by lockdown it would have been easy for businesses to work in isolation but I’ve seen so many examples of teamwork and offers of help from different businesses in Northwich, it has been fantastic.

“This selfless approach will stand the town in really good stead as it recovers from the impact of COVID-19.”

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