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Cassidy's story

Cassidy, 15 is a young volunteer from Wigan. She joined the ‘Green Leaders’ programme this summer to take action and help her local environment. 

"I found out about the Green Leaders programme through a Fun Day at Amberswood. I was keen to do something over summer – and this seemed like something I would enjoy.

"Since I started volunteering I’ve learnt there are so many different things that I love doing. We recently took some younger children pond dipping and that was great fun. I feel like I’m learning and then passing it onto them.

"The best thing about volunteering is that you get an experience. When you’re in school you are in a comfort zone and you do the same things every day but when you volunteer you get a taste of what it’s like after school and in the real world. I think more young people should volunteer – it helps you to learn and try new things.

"Climate change concerns me and the fact that the government aren’t doing anything about it annoys me a lot. You learn about it in school, about the causes and effects of it and to me it seems that people are aware of it - but no one seems to care about it.

"I like that the Green Leaders project helps to portray the image that young people can make a difference. I think the media and the older generation can have a negative outlook on young people. They think we are ignorant or don’t know enough – I think that’s ridiculous. I’m quite proactive with the things I can change, such as signing petitions and emailing my MP. I think volunteering helps to shed that image and show that we are willing and able to do things.

"When I’m back at school I’m going to tell all my friends and teachers about the project. I’m looking forward to going in and saying this is what I did over the summer - and this is what we can all do now."

Groundwork is working across the UK to deliver our part of 'Our Bright Future', a youth-led environmental programme that is designed to inspire the next generation of environment leaders and give them a stepping stone to future employment.

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