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CLS: 'How-to' guides

'How To' Guides

Meanwhile Gardens 

Take that disused patch of land and turn it into something special for the whole community to enjoy! 

Strengthening local food economy 

The goodness of local food - grown, sourced and sold at a local level! Read how you can transform your local food economy. 

Community flood plans 

Involving the community in local flood plans means that everyone is prepared for if the worse happens. Read about how to make this a reality. 

Community renewable energy 

Energy efficiency is good for the environment and the purse strings! Read how a community renewable energy project can transform your neighborhood. 

Wellbeing Walks 

Walking is one of lifes simple pleasures. It's good for the mind, body, and soul! Find out how by bringing the community together, you can create something special in your local area. 


Why buy something new when you can take an old item of furniture and create something special - for a fraction of the price! The only way really is upcycling. 

Communities Living Sustainably (CLS) was a £12 million, five-year programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Twelve communities in England received funding to help deal with the potential impact of climate change and build the sustainability and resilience of their local community, providing inspiration to other communities and sharing what they have learned.