Contact-free garden clearance visits for vulnerable residents

Vulnerable residents can now book their free, one-off garden clearance session from the Green Aiders to take back control of their garden – no contact necessary.

The Green Aiders project is being run in Bury Green, Goff’s Oak, and Waltham Abbey by community charity Groundwork East. There are two visits available in Waltham Abbey and five in the Bury Green/Goff’s Oak areas; delivered volunteers, led by Groundwork staff.

Resident Anthony Williams called the team to help him take back control of his garden, and said: “What you achieved in half a day, I haven’t been able to for two years.”

Project officer Sarah Holloway said: “We’re delighted to be running the Green Aiders project in again, more residents can now reclaim their gardens and feel safe in their homes. It’s great that we can take back control of vulnerable residents gardens with peace of mind that it’s a Covid-secure visit.”

Through a one-off visit, dedicated volunteers get gardens back under control and make them more manageable, safer and more pleasant to spend time in. At the same time, clearing overgrown gardens makes it harder for criminals or fraudsters to identify occupants as potential targets.

To be eligible for a visit you must be a Waltham Abbey resident and be unable to physically do the work or pay for a gardener. There are two visits available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a Green Aiders visit, contact Sarah on 01707 255 177 or