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Deryl's story

Deryl lives in a three-bedroom house in Wrexham. She was keen for the Green Doctors to help her lower her gas and electricty bills and get some handy tips about how to save energy.

"I’ve always found that my house is quite draughty – especially in the hall. I have a draught excluder cushion that goes in front of the door, but it’s not always successful at keeping out the chill. 

"To help fix the problem, Dave, the Green Doctor, installed a foam draught excluder on the living room and kitchen doors. He also put reflective panels on the back of the radiator in the hall, kitchen and living room to help keep the heat in the rooms.

"Dave also set me up with a smart meter which will help with me keeping track of what energy I’m using. He was keen to show me how much money I could save so we took out a 100watt bulb from a lamp in the living room and replaced in with a 30watt energy saving one – and the meter said it would save me a 1p an hour! This may not sound like a lot, but it will add up over the weeks especially when winter comes and the days are shorter.

"We also looked into switching energy suppliers as my current fixed rate tariff is due to come to an end. It’s looking likely that I will be able to save nearly £200 a year which will be a real help.

"The visit has definitely made me think about the different ways I can save money and energy. I’m very happy to have received Dave’s help - 10 out of 10!”  

The project was funded as part of the British Gas Energy Trust 'Healthy Homes' programme which offers free support to households living with fuel poverty and suffering from long term or chronic health conditions stay healthy and warm.  

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