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Groundwork UK Green Doctor

Elwyn's story

Elwyn lives in a three-bedroom house with his wife. As the couple live on limited income, he was keen to speak to the Green Doctors about bringing the cost of his energy bills down.

"I heard about the Green Doctor service when Dave, one of Groundwork's Green Doctors, paid a visit to our local community coffee shop.

"Our bungalow has always been quite cold, especially for my wife who feels the chill easily. Dave installed a reflective panel behind the living room radiator to help keep in the heat and gave us some energy saving bulbs which will definitely help.

"As our boiler is quite old, Dave recommended that we speak to a company called, Nest who may be able to help us get a new one for free. We may also be entitled to the Warm Home Discount which can save us a further £140 off our electricity bill so Dave is going to help us look into that. 

"When you get older, there’s a fear about who to speak to about things like bills, especially when you don’t have access to a computer. Since speaking to Dave, I feel a lot more confident about handling our energy bills and getting the best price.

"I couldn’t believe it when Dave told me he could save us over £900 a year simply by switching suppliers. It was definitely the highlight of the visit – I’m so grateful to receive the help."

The project was funded as part of the British Gas Energy Trust 'Healthy Homes' programme which offers free support to households living with fuel poverty and suffering from long term or chronic health conditions stay healthy and warm.  

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