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Hand drawn energy garden illustration

Energy Gardens

Where: London

Project type: Community gardens, community energy

Plenty of research shows that greener neighbourhoods are better neighbourhoods. It’s good for bringing people together, for the development of our children and plays an important role in our health and wellbeing.

Despite this, finding funding to create high quality green spaces can be a challenge. Maintaining them in the long term is even more difficult.

Energy Gardens are designed to address this by combining community gardens with sustainable energy generation. Green tech, like solar panels or wind turbines, is installed providing power for the space and any surplus is sold to fund maintenance and development of the garden.

Bringing Energy Gardens to London Overground stations

Energy Garden at Brondesbury Park Overground station

Fifty of London’s Overground stations will be transformed into community Energy Gardens. Stations nominated by local people will get a makeover into thriving gardens that will incorporate food growing plots and solar panels providing on-site renewable energy for lighting, water pumps or other station amenities. We also have plans to identify a larger solar energy site to generate a long-term income for the gardens.

In addition to improving the daily commute of people going to work the creation of the gardens will also help people get into work through training opportunities and paid horticulture apprenticeships for young people.

You can find out more about the project on the Energy Gardens website.

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Energy Gardens is a partnership between Groundwork London, Repowering London and London Overground Rail Operations Ltd. £750,000 of funding for the project came from The People's Postcode Lottery Dream Fund.