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ESF Community Grants

Groundwork is working in Coventry & Warwickshire and Leeds City Region to deliver 'ESF Community Grants' - a programme offering funding pots of between £5,000 to £20,000 to small and voluntary organisations to help unemployed  people advance towards employment, education and training.

The four-year programme will run from April 2019 and applications will be open until December 2020, with a rolling grant panel throughout.

ESF Community Grants are funded by the European Social Fund, commissioned by the Education and Skills Funding Agency, and are being managed by Groundwork in Coventry & Warwickshire and Leeds City Region with delivery from local Groundwork Trusts. 

Who can apply?

Applicant organisations must be:

  • Third Sector organisations or small organisations with fewer than 49 full-time equivalent staff, and a turnover or balance sheet equal to or under 10 million Euros (currently approximately £8.6M).
  • Organisations can apply for more than one grant, but can only be in receipt of one grant funding agreement at one time.

What kinds of activities can be funded?

Examples include: 

  • Engagement activities – for e.g. visits to colleges etc. to raise awareness and increase participant familiarity with more formal settings.
  • Activities to improve confidence, motivation and social integration (for example, sports, gardening, music and so on)
  • Development of local groups and networks to support people to get a job or access learning (e.g. Jobs Clubs)
  • 'Soft' Skills Development – for e.g. anger management, assertiveness or motivation
  • Innovative approaches to attract under-represented groups into learning

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