Flood and Emergency Resilience Training for Yorkshire

The crisis response to the COVID-19 has brought to light the importance of local action and the driving force of volunteers in emergencies. In the context of Climate Emergency and the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, ensuring volunteer groups are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to build their community’s resilience to future floods and other emergencies is a priority, and a key objective of Communities Prepared.

This Lottery funded national resilience programme launches a timely new webinar series on September 23rd for Flood Wardens and Community Emergency Volunteers across Yorkshire, in partnership with the Environment Agency. It follows the Communities Prepared programme’s modular training resources, starting with the foundations of emergency response, before leading onto topic specific webinars including flooding, communictions and marketing and emergency recovery. Sessions will be run consecutively over 5 weeks from the 23rd September and delivered with support from the Environment Agency’s Yorkshire Flood Resilience Team, providing local knowledge and expertise.

Carolyn Jarvis, Flood Resilience Adviser with the Environment Agency, said: “In the context of the Climate Emergency, recent flooding and the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, supporting volunteer groups in the community to be as prepared as possible for flooding and other emergencies is a priority, and working alongside projects such as Communities Prepared helps us achieve that.”

river cleanup volnteers

To find out more about each of the webinars in the series and to register your place, please visit the links below.

23rd September: 6-8 pm – Incident Management: http://bit.ly/CPYorks1
30th September: 6-8 pm – Flood Volunteer Parts 1 & 2: https://bit.ly/CPYorks2
7th October: 6-7:30 pm – CEV Coordinator: https://bit.ly/CPYorks3
14th October 6-7:30 pm – Communications & Marketing: https://bit.ly/CPYorks4
21st October 6-7:30 pm – Community Fundraising: https://bit.ly/CPYorks5